We Are Passionate Entrepreneurs

In times of the digital transformation, we neither believe in traditional agency structures nor in “full-service” agency models.

We Are Spezialized, Collaborative, Lean, Agile And Efficient

And We Intend To Stay So

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    We Are ProudOf Our Independency ForThe Sake Of Our Clients.

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    We Are FocusedOn Specific Industries &Affluent Consumer Groups.

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    We Are FocusedOn The Very One ThingWe Do For You:

Crafting The Personal & Digital Relationships With Your Clients And Prospects With The Smartest Content And Data Solutions

We Are Combining Proven C-Level Expertise For C-Level Clients

BrainCode was founded in 2014 by the late Dr. Klaus Konrad and Porin pl. Ivanisevic.
As head of content, Reinhard Haas joined in 2017 our team of renowned industry experts from start-up investments, AI/IT development, corporate marketing, digital advertising, content & social media, publishing and sales.
 Some of the world’s leading brands trusted us as clients and partners from the beginning. We are dedicated to realizing more game-changing projects with our forward-looking clients and are eternally grateful for their trust and confidence in our disruptive thinking and yet our reliable delivery of what we promise.

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